Your guide to personalised wedding wax seal stamps 

So, the whole wedding planning process has well and truly kicked off! 

Perhaps you’ve already secured a venue or possibly booked a few vendors and now it’s time to start considering those smaller details. 

Your stationary, table settings and guest favours are all important pieces of the wedding day puzzle that excite yourself, your guests and of course help to make the day absolutely perfect.

And in terms of the finer details, one trend that we just can’t get enough of right now is the use of personalised wedding wax seal stamps. These add such an amazing layer of sophistication and elegance to invitation envelopes, menus and across other pieces of wedding day stationary.

Personalised Wedding Wax Seal Stamps – Our Picks

There are a number of places both online and across Australia that create personalised wax seal stamps that are perfect for use on your wedding stationary and invites. 

Some of these only offer simple personalisation options such as your initials while others are a little more detailed and can include small illustrations, full names or words and even patterns.

We’ve put together a short list with some of our favourites to help you find the one that’s right for you.

1. Bridal Wax Seal Stamp Kit

2. Wedding Wax Seal Makers Kit

3. Custom Wax Seal Kit

4. Personalised Wax Seal Stamp by KustomHaus

5. Wedding Invitation Wax Seal Stamp

The History Of Wax Seals

Historically, wax seals were reserved for high ranking individuals such as Monarchs and Royal Spokespeople during the Middle Ages. They were primarily used as a method for authenticating important documents and each individual would have a unique seal.

By the 13th century they were far more widespread and predominantly used as a signature. This was due to the sheer level of illiteracy during the time.

Fast-forward to the mid 19th century where the use of wax seals dwindled quite significantly through to more recent times in the 20th century. The downtrend was due to both widespread literacy and as pre-gummed envelopes had begun to be mass produced.

And of course now, wax seal stamps have seen quite a resurgence. While they aren’t exactly used day-to-day to seal letters or authenticate official documents, they are commonly used to add those extra special touches to documents such as wedding invites.


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