Your Guide To Lavender Wedding Bouquet Arrangements

Lavender Wedding Bouquet

Lavender has long captivated the hearts of brides-to-be with its enchanting colours, soothing fragrance, and delicate beauty. With its romantic symbolism and versatile nature, lavender is the perfect addition to any wedding bouquet. 

We’ll guide you through the magical world of lavender wedding bouquet arrangements, providing tips, inspiration, and advice for creating your dreamy floral masterpiece.

Types of Lavender for Wedding Bouquets

Not all lavender is created equal! 

There are several varieties to consider when designing your bouquet, each with its unique charm:

English Lavender: This classic variety is known for its deep purple hue and sweet fragrance. It’s perfect for traditional weddings and elegant arrangements.

French Lavender: With its graceful, elongated spikes and soft, grey-green foliage, French lavender adds a touch of sophistication to any bouquet.

Spanish Lavender: This variety boasts vibrant, showy flowers that create a dramatic visual impact. It’s ideal for those who want a more contemporary and bold bouquet.

Lavandin: A hybrid of English and French lavender, lavandin features long, sturdy stems and a robust scent, making it an excellent choice for larger arrangements.

Lavender Wedding Bouquet Styles

Lavender’s versatility allows for a wide range of bouquet styles. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Lavender-Only Bouquets 

For a simple yet stunning look, opt for a bouquet composed solely of lavender. This monochromatic masterpiece is perfect for rustic, country, or vintage-themed weddings.

Lavender Mixed with Other Flowers

Lavender pairs beautifully with various flowers, such as roses, peonies, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and wildflowers. Mixing different blooms adds texture, depth, and visual interest to your bouquet.

Lavender and Greenery Bouquets

Enhance your arrangement’s natural beauty by incorporating lush greenery like eucalyptus, ferns, or olive branches. This style creates a fresh, organic look that’s perfect for outdoor or garden weddings.

Dried Lavender Bouquets

Dried lavender offers a unique, vintage charm and can be mixed with other dried flowers or fresh blooms for a whimsical, nostalgic vibe.

Lavender Bouquet Accents

Use sprigs of lavender as accents in a larger bouquet, adding pops of colour and fragrance to your arrangement.

Tips for Creating Your Lavender Wedding Bouquet

Choosing the Right Lavender Variety: Consider your wedding theme, desired bouquet size, and color preferences when selecting the perfect lavender type.

Selecting Complementary Flowers and Greenery: Choose blooms and foliage that enhance the beauty of your lavender and complement your wedding colour palette.

Picking the Perfect Color Palette: Lavender comes in various shades, from deep purple to soft lilac. Select hues that harmonise with your wedding colours and other floral elements.

Deciding on a Bouquet Shape: Lavender is versatile enough to work in various bouquet shapes, from traditional round arrangements to more contemporary cascading designs.

Incorporating Personal Touches: Add sentimental elements like heirloom brooches, lace from your mother’s wedding dress, or ribbon in your wedding colours to make your bouquet uniquely yours.

How to Care for Your Lavender Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to caring for your lavender bouquet, there are a few things you can do to keep them fresh on the big day, and also to preserve them afterwards.

Pre-Wedding Care and Storage: Keep your bouquet fresh by storing it in a cool, dark place and misting it with water regularly.

Keeping the Bouquet Fresh on the Big Day: Have a vase filled with water nearby to keep your bouquet hydrated throughout the day. Avoid placing your bouquet in direct sunlight or hot areas, as this may cause the flowers to wilt.

Preserving Your Lavender Bouquet After the Wedding: To create a lasting keepsake, hang your bouquet upside down in a dry, dark area to preserve the flowers. Alternatively, you can press individual lavender stems in a flower press or heavy book, and later display them in a frame or keepsake box.

Lavender Wedding Bouquet Inspiration


The timeless beauty of lavender wedding bouquets ensures that they’ll continue to enchant brides and wedding guests for years to come. 

By exploring the versatility of lavender and incorporating personal touches, you can create a memorable and unique wedding arrangement that will be cherished long after you’ve said “I do.” 

So go ahead, indulge in the dreamy world of lavender wedding bouquets, and prepare to be swept off your feet!


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