The Best Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographers

The Best Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographers

Congratulations on your engagement! 

The start of the next chapter in your life together is an exciting time, and planning your wedding day is just the beginning of that journey.

If you’re now starting the process of choosing a location and venue for the big day, the Mornington Peninsula is an absolutely stunning choice. With its picturesque beaches, rolling hills, and lush vineyards, it provides the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. You kind of have access to everything there.

Planning Your Mornington Peninsula Wedding

As you begin planning your big day, there are so many important details to consider. 

From choosing the perfect venue, to selecting the right celebrant, and even deciding on a theme that reflects your personality, there is a lot to think about. And let’s not forget you’ve also got things like wedding gowns, suits and music to organise as well.

Beyond those, and perhaps one of the most important things to plan, is your wedding photographer. After all, you don’t want to miss out on capturing all of those special moments throughout the day to look back on for a lifetime to come.

Luckily, the Mornington Peninsula is home to so many creative, unique and exceptional wedding photographers. Whether you’re looking for some simple traditional photos  or something a bit more unique and modern, there is a photographer on the Mornington Peninsula who can perfectly capture the story of your wedding day. 

But, how do you find a photographer that embraces your vision and can capture your day in a style that you’ll love forever?

We’ve got you covered.

Tips for Choosing a Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

Before delving into the search for the perfect Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer, it’s important to keep a couple of points in mind that will help guide your decision. 

When it comes to selecting your wedding photographer, it’s important to remember that they are responsible for capturing the raw emotions, intimate moments, and all of the events of your wedding in a way that truly reflects you as a couple. So it’s important to spend some time considering each of your options to find the photographer who you trust to capture such a special day.

The following tips will help you throughout this process.

Consider Their Style

There’s probably something like 10-15 prominent styles of photography and editing that you’ll see when viewing wedding photographs. So it’s definitely worth narrowing things down to just a few styles that really catch your eye and begin your search here, shortlisting photographers who align with the style you prefer.

View Portfolios

It should come without saying, but a wedding photographer’s portfolio is a great way to get a sense of their style and the type of work they produce. Following on from the above, look for photographers whose portfolios match the style you’re after and whose work consistently looks professional and high-quality. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for additional samples or to see a full wedding gallery.

Consider Their Experience

Experience is key when it comes to wedding photography. Choose a photographer who has clearly shot a large variety and number of weddings. This is likely to ensure that they have at least a good understanding of how to capture the best moments on your special day.

You can even go as far as asking them about their experience and if they have any specific experience shooting at the venue you’ve selected.

Read Reviews

I’m sure this is something you’d normally do, but amidst the craziness of planning a wedding, it can be forgotten. So, It’s always a good idea to read reviews from past clients to get an idea of what to expect.

Look for photographers who have a high rating and positive feedback from happy couples. But it is also important to not be swayed by one negative review amongst hundreds of positives, try to get an overall picture of the photographer from multiple sources.

Meet In Person Or Have A Call

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a good idea to meet with your potential photographers either in person or over the phone. This offers an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about them and see if you get along well.

Verify Package Inclusions

If you’ve ever looked at a wedding photographer’s packages, you’ll know that there are so many options and package inclusions. So it’s important to verify what their packages include and what come at an additional cost.

This includes things such as number of photographs, prints, albums, online galleries, backups and even things such as the number of hours of coverage included.

The Best Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographers

And with that, these are some of our favourite wedding photographers in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding regions, in no particular order. We hope it will help you narrow down your selection.

Perla Photography View Portfolio

Immerse Photography View Portfolio

Carry Your Heart – View Portfolio

Vanessa Morris – View Portfolio

Matt Elliott View Portfolio

James Harvie View Portfolio

Brendan Creaser – View Portfolio

InPhotography – View Portfolio


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