Can You Wear a Statement Necklace to a Wedding?

When it comes to attending a wedding, the question of what to wear often occupies our thoughts, leading to endless contemplation. The perfect outfit and the choice of accessories can make or break your wedding ensemble. Among the various accessories in your arsenal, one item that often stirs up debate is the statement necklace.

So, can you confidently wear a statement necklace to a wedding? The answer is a resounding “yes.”  We will explore the intricacies of this fashionable choice and provide you with five indispensable tips for making a statement necklace work harmoniously with your wedding attire. Additionally, we’ll highlight three important pitfalls to avoid, ensuring that you shine elegantly at the next wedding on your calendar.

5 Tips for Wearing A Statement Necklace To A Wedding

1. Match with Your Dress

The cardinal rule when considering a statement necklace for a wedding is to ensure it complements your dress. The necklace should harmonize with the color, style, and neckline of your attire.

For instance, if you’re wearing a classic, strapless gown, an elaborate pearl or crystal necklace can add a touch of elegance. Conversely, if your outfit boasts intricate embellishments, opt for a simpler statement necklace to avoid overwhelming your look.

2. Consider the Neckline

The neckline of your dress plays a pivotal role in determining whether a statement necklace is the right choice. V-neck, sweetheart, or scoop necklines offer the perfect canvas for showcasing a statement piece. However, if your dress features a high neck or intricate detailing, it’s advisable to opt for subtle earrings and let the dress take center stage.

3. Balance is Key

Balance is the crux of successful accessorizing. If you’ve chosen a bold and elaborate statement necklace, keep other accessories minimal. Delicate stud earrings and a simple bracelet can provide the perfect equilibrium. Conversely, if your necklace is more understated, you can experiment with larger earrings or a statement bracelet to complete your look.

4. Consider the Wedding Venue

The location and theme of the wedding can influence your choice of statement necklace. For a formal, upscale affair at a lavish venue, an opulent statement necklace can be the perfect choice. On the other hand, for a rustic, outdoor wedding, a more subdued and nature-inspired necklace might be more fitting.

5. Personal Style Matters

Ultimately, your personal style should be the guiding light when deciding on a statement necklace. If you’re known for your bold fashion choices, don’t shy away from a striking piece.

Conversely, if you tend to gravitate towards understated elegance, opt for a necklace that reflects your style. Your confidence and comfort in your chosen necklace will be the ultimate statement.

3 Things Not to Do Wearing a Statement Necklace to a Wedding


1. Don’t Overdo It

While making a statement is the goal, overdoing it can lead to a fashion disaster. Avoid wearing a statement necklace with statement earrings, a statement bracelet, and a statement hairpiece all at once. Choose one or two statement pieces and let them shine without overwhelming your ensemble.

2. Don’t Clash with the Bride

It should go without saying, but never wear a statement necklace that outshines the bride’s accessories. Be mindful of the bride’s style and opt for a necklace that complements, rather than competes with, her look. Remember, it’s her special day.

3. Don’t Ignore the Dress Code

Different weddings have different dress codes, and these should guide your choice of statement necklace. If the wedding is black-tie, select a sophisticated, high-quality piece. Conversely, for a more casual affair, a playful and whimsical statement necklace may be entirely appropriate.


In the grand tapestry of wedding fashion, the statement necklace can be a dazzling thread that adds character and flair to your ensemble. However, like any accessory, it requires careful consideration.

By following our five essential tips and avoiding the three common pitfalls, you can confidently answer the question, “Can you wear a statement necklace to a wedding?” with a resounding “Yes!” Remember, the key is balance, harmony, and, above all, staying true to your unique style.

So, the next time you attend a wedding, don’t hesitate to make a statement that leaves a lasting impression.


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