Can You Wear a Floral Dress to a Wedding?

Can You Wear A Floral Dress To A Wedding

Floral patterned and inspired dresses are a beautiful way to enjoy the warmer seasons and immerse yourself in those summer vibes. But with the warmer months being the peak time for weddings, we regularly come across the same question – can you wear a floral dress to a wedding?

The good news, and the short answer, is Yes, you certainly can wear floral dresses to weddings as a guest. However, as with most other wedding outfits, there are a few exceptions to this that it’s important to take note of.

Things like the formality of the wedding, the location and venue can also play a big part in determining whether you should wear a floral dress or perhaps opt for something a little more formal.

We’ve made it easy for you to make the right choice with our simple guide to wearing floral dresses to weddings.

3 Times When It’s Acceptable To Wear A Floral Dress To A Wedding

To start with, it’s important to identify whether a floral dress would be appropriate for the wedding you’ll be attending. There are generally three times where it’s easy to make this decision.

1. A Beach Wedding

If the wedding is set against the backdrop of tumbling waves and in the warmth of the soft sand, then a floral dress is generally a safe bet. The laid-back feel of beach weddings practically calls for gorgeous light and flowy floral dresses to feature throughout the day.

2. Garden Weddings

Similarly to beach weddings, garden weddings held throughout the warmer months are often an appropriate time to wear floral dresses. However, it’s not uncommon for garden weddings to lean towards a more formal style. So it’s important to consider the type of invitation you received and also whether there’s any mention of a specific dress code.

3. Casual Dress Codes

Of course there’s also those weddings where the couple indicates on the invites, or in-person, that casual attire is acceptable or preferred. This is the perfect invitation to opt for floral dresses and make the most of the warmer weather.

And those options aside, if you’re still in doubt about whether it would be appropriate to wear a floral dress, you can always ask the couple directly whether they have a specific preference for guest attire and formality. 

5 Tips For Wearing A Floral Dress To A Wedding

You’re rockin’ the floral dress? Yesss!
Now it’s time to take a look at a few of our favourite styling tips.

Formal Floral Dress For Weddings
Floral Dress For Wedding Guests
Wearing A Floral Dress To A Wedding

1. Consider the Dress Code & Venue

We’re kind of repeating ourselves here, but even if a floral dress is appropriate, it is important to still consider the wedding venue and dress code to make sure you’re not going too casual, or too formal.

For example, you might not want to be wearing a backless or strapless floral dress to a church wedding. Instead, go for a floral dress that has a little more coverage, or be sure to bring a nice jacket along with you.

2. Mind the Scale of the Pattern

We usually recommend sticking with smaller floral patterns as to not be too loud and to avoid overshadowing the bride. Besides, smaller scale patterns usually give more of an elegant and formal vibe than larger ones.

3. Opt for Appropriate Length and Cut

Whilst the pattern plays a pivotal role in dictating the dress’s impact, the cut and length of the dress is also important to consider. A general rule of thumb is to lean towards knee-length or midi dresses, which strike the perfect balance between sophistication, formality and comfort.

And unless the wedding is super casual, it’s generally best to avoid overly revealing cuts.

4. Balance with Neutral Accessories

A floral dress can often be a statement in and of itself. To prevent your overall outfit from becoming too overwhelming, temper your floral dress with neutral accessories. A classic clutch in a muted shade, nude heels, and minimalist jewellery can serve to accent your dress, rather than attempting to wrestle for the spotlight.

5. Don’t Overshadow the Bride

Last but certainly not least, it’s crucial to ensure your floral dress doesn’t outshine the bride. Opt for subdued colour palettes and modest floral patterns to strike the right balance between stylish and respectful.

When Not To Wear A Floral Dress To A Wedding

Although we’ve sung the praises of the floral dress for various wedding scenarios, it’s now time to address when it would be best to opt for a different outfit. 

Black-tie or formal weddings often require a more traditional and restrained dress code, making a floral dress a potentially contentious choice. Similarly, weddings held during the chillier months may call for a more subdued colour palette, which may not align with the vibrant hues commonly found in floral dresses.

And of course, should the invitation specify a particular dress code, it’s of utmost importance to respect the couple’s wishes and dress accordingly.


Floral dresses are a surprisingly stylish and acceptable option for the majority of weddings, especially if they’re styled correctly.

So it’s essential to approach the floral dress with consideration for factors like the dress code, the scale and colour of the pattern, the dress’s cut and length, and the balance of the overall outfit along with any accessories.

Thus, the answer to the question, “Can you wear a floral dress to a wedding?” is a resounding “Yes!”, but with an asterisk. A floral dress, when worn with thoughtful consideration for the occasion and the couple, can be an elegant, playful, and utterly delightful addition to your wedding guest wardrobe.


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