Burnt Orange Wedding Theme Guide And Inspiration

Are you considering a burnt orange wedding theme?
This vibrant and bold colour choice is perfect for couples looking to add a touch of warmth and excitement to their big day.

Burnt orange can be incorporated in a variety of ways, from your bridal party’s attire to the floral arrangements and decorations throughout the day. Burnt orange is particularly stunning when paired with neutral tones like white, beige, and gold, or with other autumnal shades including deep red and yellow.

Using burnt orange is a great way to reflect the changing seasons if your big day is during Autumn, and add a whimsical and warm touch to the day.

Whether you opt for bold pops of color or more subtle accents, this warm and inviting hue is sure to make your wedding celebration unforgettable. 

Burnt Orange Wedding Inspiration

Burnt Orange Wedding Guide & Tips

If those got you excited to add a touch of warmth and vibrancy to your wedding day with burnt orange, then we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive guide and essential tips on how to incorporate pops of this bold hue throughout your big day is sure to help you to plan it to perfection.

And it all starts with flowers.

Floral Arrangements

Your flower arrangements are the easiest way to feature burnt orange hues and complimenting accent colours.

You can choose from a variety of burnt orange-coloured flowers to create stunning bouquets, centrepieces, and other arrangements. And not only will the pops of orange add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to your day, but the flowers themselves will also bring a sense of beauty, nature and outdoors.

Here is a list of 10 flower species that are great options:

  1. Marigolds
  2. Gerbera daisies
  3. Poppies
  4. Carnations
  5. Chrysanthemums
  6. Tulips
  7. Gladioli
  8. Freesias
  9. Zinnias
  10. Nasturtiums

Some of these are seasonal and harder to grow or acquire in different climates, so it’s best to consult with your wedding florist on what they have available before locking in any choices.

Bridal Party Outfits & Accessories

After flowers, your bridal party is the next major way to implement burnt orange into your wedding day. 

Bridesmaid Outfits
Want in on a little secret?
Burnt orange, and most orange hues in general, is a very flattering colour that actually compliments all skin tones. This makes it an amazing choice for bridesmaid dresses. So that’s your best place to start.

And in terms of a dress style, we really love a simple sleeveless wrap dress. They allow the colour to really compliment your bridesmaids while also matching with the Autumn and Summery theme they bring. Alternatively, long ruffle maxi dresses are also a beautiful choice if you want something with a little more personality.

Groomsmen Outfits
Now you’re probably not going to dress your groomsmen up in an orange suit, that’d probably be a little too much orange.

Instead, we’d recommend one of the following suit colours to complement the orange bridesmaid dresses:

  • Navy blue
  • Dusty blue
  • Light grey
  • Light tan

And blush pink is also an option if you want to be a little more out there.

You can then accessory the suits with burnt orange ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks and socks.

Table Settings

And last but not least, the table settings at your reception are another major way to further add some burnt orange accents and really tie the entire day together.

However, it’s hard to give any super specific tips here since a lot of your table setting choices will depend on your venue and things like the style and colour of the tables, chairs and overall look of the room.

Now we’re not professional stylists, but from our many years of experience in the wedding industry, we do have some recommendations to help you get started though.

  • Tie everything together with some whites, pearls, golds and natural colours.
  • Try not to go overboard with the orange. For example, if you go for burnt orange napkins, consider using a pearl or a white table runner to balance things out and vice versa.
  • If you’re venue is outdoors and features natural wooden tables, consider sticking matte black or matte white crockery.
  • If you’re using floral centerpieces, be sure to balance the look with whites, blush pinks and greenery.
  • Use natural tones like brown or tan for your placemats.
  • Look to swap out your silver cutlery or gold or rose gold.

You can also experiment with other combinations and complimenting colours to see what works for you and your style. 

Your Burnt Orange Wedding Theme

If you really want to make your day absolutely perfect and create a burnt orange theme that flows throughout, consider chatting to your local wedding stylist. They’ll be able to guide you on all aspects of your day, from outfits to accessories and even onto those tiny little details like accent colours on your cake.


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